2018 Benefits Fair: Disabilities Board of Charleston County

October 5, 2018 5:50 pm

We want to THANK all of our employees and vendors for attending Disabilities Board of Charleston County’s 3rd annual benefits fair!

We believe that hosting these live events can be our greatest opportunity to engage associates in their health – especially those who may not really engage any other time of the year. It provides a fun way to get individuals curious and thinking about their health. Many have no idea what their current health status is, and with features like free preventive screenings, the event gives people a chance to identify and learn about things they may need to do in terms of nutrition, exercise doctor visits and such.

It’s also a great opportunity for our employees to see what the insurance provider is providing for them when it comes to health and wellness .They can truly highlight the value of the various perks and programs were offering such as Rally.

We strategically place our benefits fair before open enrollment, and typically invite our core benefit vendors, medical, dental, vision and life. They can speak to any plan changes we may have, so associates can hear it straight from the carrier’s mouth and get their questions answered in person. It really helps our employees feel more comfortable about the decisions they will be making during open enrollment.

To motivate our employees to attend our benefits fair we raffle off fantastic prizes. We have a moderate budget but we try to buy and have plenty of things donated that will get everyone excited- yoga mats, fit bits, gift cards and more. Food is also a huge motivator. Every year we have a beautiful and nutritious fruit and cheese tray which is always a big hit. Next year we want to incorporate a smoothie table. I’m hoping it will be just as successful.

The Benefits Fair is a great way for our employees from all across the organization to come together, interact and see that they’re part of a company that cares about their well-being.